Very Low Premium Par Whole Life

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Very Low Premium Par Whole Life

Postby Life Solutions » Wed May 25, 2022 2:42 pm

How low?

The lowest.

We've been looking and can't find one with a lower premium. This is Participating Whole Life that can beat out Guaranteed Universal Life and Current Assumption Universal Life with a No Lapse Guarantee (i.e., the latest generation of Protection UL that's only guaranteed to age 90).

It has a low minimum face of $10,000, too.

It's medically underwritten, so if you're working Final Expense and want to get your healthy clients something better than your favorite Non-Par Whole Life that's loaded through Table 4 or Table 8, then this is the solution.

Plus, it pays dividends, and that's always better than the Non-Par stuff, all things being equal.

Do you sell Premium Offset cases? How about a 20 Pay Whole Life that's so low that it looks like one of those non-guaranteed premium offset illustrations, but it's actually guaranteed. Twenty and done!

Strong compensation plus cash bonuses for apptivity!

Do you want to know more?
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