Why is a License or ID Required?

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Why is a License or ID Required?

Postby Rick Blaine » Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:14 am

While free speech is promoted here, there are reasonable limits. We have a zero tolerance policy against trolls and flamers. Anonymity protects you from each other, to prevent repercussions outside of the forum (such as a piker printing out your comments and faxing them to your employer, manager, B/D, or regulator). Anonymity does NOT grant anyone license to be a troll, therefore Top Gun Producers requires that all member identities be known to the forum administrators.

As a result of this barrier to entry, we don't have as much traffic, but the signal to noise ratio is drastically different from every forum we have found anywhere on the Internet.

Another result is we don't have to post editorials like this one:


Every new forum published by a noob that doesn't have experience dealing with trolls learns the same tough lesson: Let trash in the door, and the place starts to stink.

We here at Top Gun Producers have endeavored to keep the trash from getting in. I hope you appreciate the benefits of our efforts.
Here's lookin' at you, kid!
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